Kundalini Yoga is different from any Yoga I've experienced. From the very first session I knew this was what my body needed. It's like getting an amazing massage for all your organs, tissues, and muscles. Thank you, Krystal, for introducing me to Kundalini, and for being a dedicated and inspiring teacher.

/  Mariaemma Willis  /


I was motivated to take Krystal Pearson's Kundalini Yoga classes because I desire to embody grace, radiance and compassion the way Krystal does. Krystal's Kundalini Yoga teaching  provides clarity, inspiration and the opportunity for transformation. From the very first one, I was hooked. I experience a shift within myself at every class. Krystal teaches with her words, body, and more importantly by example; she walks her talk. She is my kind of teacher. Krystal Pearson is a blessing to me, my daughters and many of my friends.

/  Elizabeth Reynolds  /


I love getting acupuncture at Blue Jasmin.  I walk into the calm, relaxing, peaceful environment, steal some ginger candy and get my amazing treatment... it's like a mini vacation.  After my treatment I feel so calm and relaxed and my anxiety stays at bay for a few weeks!  Which is amazing for me.  Krystal has also suggested different herbs to take during those high pressure time...Calm Spirits, works wonders!

/  Jacalyn Pelloni  /