Margo Slusarenko L.Ac.

Licensed Acupuncturist


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My name is Margo Slusarenko, LAc. I practice Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizing Japanese palpation techniques and Korean Hand Energetics as taught by Dr. Stephen Stiteler. This dynamic treatment involves activating the points on the hand with noninvasive, neodymium magnets that can be self administered throughout the week to enhance your healing between sessions. Magnet therapy is ideal for children and sensitive individuals who wish to avoid needles. I also use gentle Japanese acupuncture stimulation, cupping, and tui na.

Throughout my career, I’ve specialized in pain, trauma, anxiety, depression, and addiction working in varied environments from a community clinic to a prominent drug and alcohol treatment center. I’ve also practiced alongside Naturopathic physicians in an integrative pharmacy and have acquired extensive training in western herbs and homeopathy. I look forward to meeting you and working together as we elicit your own innate healing ability.


I received two wonderful treatments from Margo--one was for a shoulder and neck injury and the other was for support with hormone balancing when I was having some challenges. I felt so much better each time I saw Margo for her treatments. Not only were her treatments effective but her energy is so calming and healing and she was very informative when I asked her questions.



I was a bit of a skeptic of non traditional medicine until having acupuncture done by Margo Slusarenko. I had an ongoing pain in my left shoulder right near my shoulder blade. Lifting weights or working out, this area would often tense up and it would feel as though I had a large painful debilitating knot there. Rubbing it out never seemed to fully take away the pain and annoyance of the issue. One day I gave Margo a shot at it. The acupuncture was surprisingly relaxing. The area in question felt a significant relief of tension after, but the amazing part was the total loss of pain and tightness in the area during the next couple days. Margo’s relaxing demeanor, calm presence, and cheery attitude made me feel at home.

/  Aaron McVay  /